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Guest Services relies heavily upon volunteers. The Guest Services Director acts as the primary vision caster and leader for this area, overseeing all systems. However, Sundays simply could not happen without our team of volunteers.


Guest Services volunteers welcome all guests that enter the church. In addition to greeting people, volunteers answer questions and help guests find their way around the church. Guest Services volunteers are the very first impression our guests will have of our church.

Guest Services Volunteer Roles are defined as follows:


Parking TeamThese volunteers serve our guests in the parking lot by initiating with a warm welcome, clear directions, and a fond farewell.

Information Center Team: These volunteers serve our guests at the Information Center by answering their questions, providing clear information, and helping them take next steps.

First-Time Team: These volunteers serve our first-time guests by providing them with a genuine greeting, a personalized experience, and a friendly follow-up.

Greeters: These volunteers serve our guests at the doors and in the hallways by making them feel valued with a sincere greeting, a friendly presence, and a fond farewell.

Ushers: These volunteers serve our guests in the Sanctuary by initiating with a warm greeting, friendly presence, and clear directions to a seat.

Men's Ministry: These volunteers serve within the Men's Ministry by helping with planned events, 

Women's Ministry: These volunteers serve within the Women's Ministry by helping with planned events.

Security Team: Safety & security volunteers ensure The River Church is a safe place to worship by providing protective, medical, and emergency management type duties.

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