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The River of Columbus exists to bring glory to God, to fulfill the great commandment and the great commission of Jesus Christ, and allow the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be exercised through its members. We believe that every word of the bible is true and divinely inspired by God. We believe that as a church we should study, meditate on, and know the Word of God. We believe in healing of the body and the spirit by God. We, as a church, believe that God is about conquering not coping with problems.



“The River Of Columbus” was birthed out of the Heart of God. During the week of April 2003, Evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne of Revival Ministries International, held a Revival Crusade in a local church in Columbus, Georgia. The Holy Spirit swept through the service with His revival fire, reaching down into the hearts of those that were desperate for Him. Many were touched and changed forever.

Out of that week arose a group of people who could no longer settle for church as usual. They had tasted of the glory of God and would never be the same! In the same services that week, Mike & Kym Childs, were called into fulltime ministry. They followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and founded, “The River of Columbus.”

On June 8, 2003 “The River of Columbus” had its first church service at the Wingate Inn, located in Columbus, Ga. Three weeks later, the church moved to a larger location (Columbus Recreation Center). Two months later the church moved to The Fraternal Order of Police Building. In August 2006 the church moved to the Teen Challenge Chapel off of Hurst Drive. On April 18, 2008 “The River of Columbus” purchased an existing church building located at 2951 Norris Road, Columbus, Ga. In August of 2014 “The River of Columbus” purchased property in Midland, GA and began construction on Phase 1. The church held their first service at the Mehaffey Road property on February 14, 2016.

“The River Of Columbus” is all about allowing the Holy Spirit to fill our services with His presence and touch His people, bringing Rivers of refreshing into their hearts.

Pastors Mike & Kym have been called to equip the body to enable them to discover the gifts and talents that God has placed within them. They encourage and help each believer to fulfill what the Lord has planned for their lives.

The Lord is pouring out His glory upon the earth today and He is looking for a people who will host His presence both personally and corporately, and “The River of Columbus” is just such a place.

What a glorious time to be living! “The River Of Columbus” has the privilege of being an end time’s church as we prepare for the soon coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.!

Get out of your comfort zone and come dive into “The River.”

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