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Our Media Ministry relies heavily upon volunteers. The Worship Director acts as the primary vision caster and leader for this area, overseeing all systems. However, Sundays simply could not happen without our team of volunteers.

Media Ministry Volunteer Roles are defined as follows:


Audio Engineer: The audio engineer is responsible for the set-up, monitoring and adjusting of all Worship Center audio equipment. The audio engineer focuses attention and removes distractions by making seamless audio transitions to allow the gospel to be heard through singing songs unto the Lord and hearing the Word taught.

Propresenter Operator: The ProPresenter operator prepares and operates the equipment necessary to display live video and any graphics on all screens. The ProPresenter operator delivers the lyrics, Scripture verses, videos and message notes without error while creating visual appeal, supporting the Worship minister and pastor(s) to allow the congregation to worship the Lord without distraction 

Camera Operator: The camera operator captures stage-wide to close-up shots of the announcements and teaching pastor while controlling and monitoring focus, shot composition and movement (with direction from the Technical Director) so that the speaker can be seen without distraction to the gospel that is being proclaimed.

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